We’re happy to announce that our first round of BST token airdrop is live now! (BST token is the native token of BSports)


BSports is a decentralized prediction matching platform on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Different from previous-generation prediction platforms, BSports leverages short-form code to ensure high speeds and extensive scalability. BSports supports liquidity mining and deflationary tokenomics, providing an open and easy-to-use prediction service with an inbuilt profit-sharing mechanism.

Airdrop Detail

Token Name: BST

Airdrop Amount: 20,000 BST Tokens

Airdrop Rewards: Random 2,000 people will win in Round I of this airdrop (Rest of participants will be automatically moved to the…

What is BSports?

Based on BSC’s sports prediction platform, it subverts traditional event forecast. Concise design patterns such as Uniswap, MakerDAO and other mainstream protocols expect to change traditional forecasting platforms’ complicated logic and structure through short codes and concise logic and increase more scalability.

We aim to create a user-defined prediction service platform with profit-sharing, ecological community

What makes BSports different from traditional sportsbooks?

BSports is set to revolutionize the online betting scene by providing customer-focused benefits.

  • A decentralized and transparent platform
  • Best odds with the lowest margin
  • Variety of esports and sports events
  • No restriction on successful players

We will use the BST tokens together with the BNB…


BSports is a decentralized prediction platform with deflationary tokenomics & liquidity mining protocol on #BSC.

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