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2 min readApr 23, 2021

What is BSports?

Based on BSC’s sports prediction platform, it subverts traditional event forecast. Concise design patterns such as Uniswap, MakerDAO and other mainstream protocols expect to change traditional forecasting platforms’ complicated logic and structure through short codes and concise logic and increase more scalability.

We aim to create a user-defined prediction service platform with profit-sharing, ecological community

What makes BSports different from traditional sportsbooks?

BSports is set to revolutionize the online betting scene by providing customer-focused benefits.

  • A decentralized and transparent platform
  • Best odds with the lowest margin
  • Variety of esports and sports events
  • No restriction on successful players

We will use the BST tokens together with the BNB tokens on the Binance Smart Chain betting platform.

Unlike the traditional betting platforms that are operated using fiat currencies, BSports utilizes blockchain technology. It allows players to earn rewards in the form of BNB by staking BST tokens.

This makes it profitable to the players since it’s not a house versus a player type of scenario. It’s simply focused on providing maximum benefits to the players.

The variety of sports events players can choose from the platform at the moment include; the UEFA champions league, NBA, NFL, NBL, the major five leagues, and esports events like S10, ESL ONE, TI9, LCK, LPL, among others.

If you’re a player or sports fan, you’re set to have fun while getting returns. Experience of a lifetime!

Why launch the platform on BSC?

Simply put, why should we drive a slower car that costs more? We’re all about gamification, so we want to maximize the feedback loop for making money, betting, and making money again: BSC’s excellent speed and much lower transaction costs allow us to do that.

While BSC may not currently be at the level adopted by Ethereum, we believe in Binance’s capabilities and will be closely linked for the foreseeable future.

BSports using the Binance Smart Chain is a great move because BSC offers fast transactions at the lowest fees making it appropriate for players. Additionally, Both BSports and BSC get access to a broader audience.

BST tokens will maintain its high level of demand because of the burning that will happen in the DEX; which is good for BST token holders. Let’s hope for a successful BSports IFO and start benefiting from the platform as soon as possible.

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BSports is a decentralized prediction platform with deflationary tokenomics & liquidity mining protocol on #BSC.